Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bushido Shuffle - Update!

So, I've decided to flip Bushido Shuffle a little. I started thinking about the actual dynamics of the game, and in reality it's not that different from some of those old Megadrive games like Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden, so instead of making it a gigantic 3D world (that is going to kill me programming and bug testing), it's going to be a slightly more linear 2.5D affair!

Obviously this limits the amount of free-roaming that the player can do, but I've figured that abilities such as the double/triple jump and wall running will be unlocked as you play, and so you will be able to return to previous levels and reach new areas where you can collect new power ups.

Gameplay wise, the way the game actually works is alot more clear now.

There are 2 fighting styles, each kind of relating to the concept of ki. Initially you are only able to fight with combos of slashes. As you build ki you start to see flashes of light from your opponents swords. If you can time your attacks to coincide with the flashes you can instant strike your opponent and kill them in one hit.

Building ki to even higher levels allows you to become shinshin toitsu (unified bod and mind), ah who am I kidding, it's basically slowmotion, that means the milisecond flashes of "instant kill" time last longer, meaning you can chain together strings of instant kills.

Actual deaths have been improved, it's gone from 4 to about 12, with multilple ways to chop your enemies up including my personal favourite where you chop them vertically in half!

So, check the new video, comments and crit welcome! And subscribe and support!

PS. I advise watching in fullscreen High Quality (as the camera is quite far away, and it's all tiny otherwise!)

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