Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bushido Shuffle Gets 2D-er!

So, we've lost the 0.5 out of the 2.5D of Bushido Shuffle, and it's all now totally flat! The visuals have gone through another change, now with black and white cell shading, and an age overlay on the screen.

The fighting system is in the middle of huge overhall, now instead of keys triggering random combos, there are three keys that trigger low,medium and high attacks. You can chainlink between any of the 3 heights of attack , and use the up and down keys to modify the direction of the sword. It all adds up to make what is turning out to be quite a tight and fun control system!

Anyway, another demo is a way off, as alot of stuff is broken, but here's a video and some screens.

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