Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ink Defocus

Sorry for the shameful lack of recent updates to the blog.. I've been very busy redoing my homepage and trying to get that relaunched, so in the meantime, maybe check this out. I took a break from making hectic things and tried doing something more calm. This is a procedural animation (different every time), it's based on the way a biro will leave a stain on your pocket! It's very slow and meditative, with the colors slowly blending and interacting. There's sound on it too, but sadly not in the video.

If you have a windows PC then you can tryout Defocus for your self! It can be found here. As usual with this kind of thing, I can't guarantee if it will work on your setup, it's an experimental thing after all! It uses a customised bloom shader that needs PixelShader V2 or above...

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