Friday, 9 July 2010

I got 'Tubed!!

Been a little while since I stuck anything into the blog-hole. but I have something to show! Theres a new demo of Bushido Shuffle out now, and it's had some good reviews.. and HappyCheeseCake was lovely enough to make a youtube video of the thing! If you want to get the demo is over on
my web page.

And here's the video

Friday, 9 April 2010

Samurais , Gadgets and Viral Marketing.

OK, so it's been a little while, but here we are again! Bushido is coming on even further, there are new moves, the controls have been refined and it has a main menu! May Demo is still on the cards!
There is a new you tube video that you can check out here:

Hope you enjoy it. I'm having some issues with the game running under windows 7 at the moment which is a bit of a downer, but nothing that can't (eventually) get fixed.


On a separate bit of news, I attended the Gadget Show Live Event the last 2 days, and it was totally insane, like 20000 people in the NEC. I was there with NeuroSky, demonstrating their MindSet hardware and the Invaders Reloaded game (the dev of which I covered in this blog last year). Anyway, it was really well recieved, with a constant queue of people wanting a go on the game. It was nice to be in such close proximity to other stands showing off games like modern warfare and Batman Arkham Asylum, and yet there were still just as many people waiting to play my little indy game!
Super hectic, but alot of fun. Massive thank-you to Jim Sullivan and NeuroSky for having us down to the show with them, and to all people who came over to play the games and have a chat.

Monday, 1 March 2010

BushidoShuffle - The slide to Silhouette Stance!

Ok, so alot of work has been going on around Bushido the last few months. First and foremost the story has been coming together, with Kris and myself really fleshing out the world of Bushido and making it more comprehensive and real.

There have been numerous changes to the gameplay, strangely most of it has been moving it towards what I would call "hollywood real". Meaning, the game isn't realisitc, but it is least plausible within the context of the story.

Still, it seems that as soon as I've made an update video, I've surpassed it and it's looking Old, but here's the latest from the Bushido-Dojo

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Ok, so total style change! Having seen some of Kris's amazing artwork for Bushido, I wanted to bring the game visuals more in line with the graphic novel. It's been a fair amount of work playing with the visuals and getting the right balance of looks vs gameplay.

Been making alot of other tweaks to the AI and general gameplay. I'm gearing up to switch the whole game across to my HATed editor, which should make Dev much much faster.

Anyway, here are some of the obligatory screenshots (please note I took these before re-working the anti alias and anisotropic code, so they are considerably smoother)!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ink Defocus

Sorry for the shameful lack of recent updates to the blog.. I've been very busy redoing my homepage and trying to get that relaunched, so in the meantime, maybe check this out. I took a break from making hectic things and tried doing something more calm. This is a procedural animation (different every time), it's based on the way a biro will leave a stain on your pocket! It's very slow and meditative, with the colors slowly blending and interacting. There's sound on it too, but sadly not in the video.

If you have a windows PC then you can tryout Defocus for your self! It can be found here. As usual with this kind of thing, I can't guarantee if it will work on your setup, it's an experimental thing after all! It uses a customised bloom shader that needs PixelShader V2 or above...